DirectX/OpenGL Mumble Overlay Holder

As many people have unfortunately stumbled upon this issue – Mumble‘s Overlay only works with OpenGL and DirectX9 and ONLY with 32bit (x86) executables. Running on anything else (DirectX11 and/or 64bit .exe) causes the overlay to not display over these games.

This can be seen, for example, in World of Warcraft – when run with DirectX 11 and the 64bit binary.

I was a bit annoyed by not knowing who is talking in our channel every time I play a game and we use Mumble, and I don’t own one of those fancy G15 “gaming” keyboards. So with the help of a friend, we made 2 little utilities: a DirectX and a OpenGL overlay holder for Mumble, and I also use it for whenever I want to play video games with

How it works:

DirectX 9

This version spawns a full-screen always-on-top window that can act as a surface for Mumble’s Overlay feature. This is compiled x86. It has a slight transparency so you can still see some stuff behind it.

It has rudimentary multiple-screen support – it takes only one parameter, the DisplayNumber that you wish to spawn it on. It defaults to 0 which corresponds to the Primary Dispay. If you want to spawn it on a Secondary or Tertiary screen, use 1 or 2, like:

C:\Mumble DirectX Overlay Holder.exe 1

The binary is compiled with SlimDX and is compressed into a single .exe with .NETZ. It requires .NET Framework 4.0 to run.

Please keep in mind this will NOT WORK with Games that run in FULL-SCREEN! You need to run the game either Windowed or Windowed Full-Screen! Also, due to the way the Mumble Overlay works, you have to run Mumble first THEN run this little utility. If your game doesn’t run in Windowed Full-Screen but runs simpy Windowed with Borders, you can force it borderless with ShiftWindow.


This version spawns a maximized black window that you can resize and place wherever you want. It’s less useful than the DirectX version, but it will work for basic purposes.

The binary is compiled with the Tao OpenGL Framework, it’s compressed with .NETZ. It only requires .NET Framework 2.0 to run.


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