Stics: make music videos with simple animations

Ever wanted to upload a song to YouTube but you didn’t have a video for it? You searched the internet for an easy solution that doesn’t require you to render 5 days in After Effects but you couldn’t find any? Want more than a static picture for your video? Well, look no more! Stics is here!

At the request of a friend I started putting together this tool that simply takes an image (whatever picture you could think of), a song in whatever format (mp3, mp4 etc.) and generates a simple video (either with an animated “spectrowave” or a waveform that fills-up based on time passed – think something like Soundcloud) which can be later uploaded to YouTube or other video services.

The program is very simple to use:

How to use Stics

How to use Stics

It takes an image, a song, edit the text, press convert and wait. The output is a 720p video with a as-high-as-possible-quality audio track. The result can be found in the videos directory, with the name auto-generated from the text strings you used.


Using the “Waveform Progress” video type:

Using the “Spectrowave” video type:


Stics beta

Stics beta download

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