How to run TF2 MvM Server with Quickplay

First, follow the instructions in here:

Then, what you need to know for MvM and QuickPlay:

You need to add

tf_mm_servermode 2


tf_mm_strict 1

(the later is not required, but it will make your server run only in matchmaking mode, but it will NOT allow manual connects) to your config (server.cfg).

You also need a “TF Gameserver account”, which you can get easily by following these steps:

  • Log on to your (personal) Steam account on your computer. Start up TF2.
  • Open up the console (usually with the ` key)
  • Type:

Your game console will then output something similar to this:

] cl_gameserver_create_identity
Request to create a game server account sent--please wait.
Game server account created successfully!

Set these convars on your game server to have it log in and receive benefits:

tf_server_identity_account_id XXXXX
tf_server_identity_token "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

Take the last 2 lines

tf_server_identity_account_id XXXXX
tf_server_identity_token "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

and paste them into your server config (server.cfg).

Next up, you need to set-up your mapcycle.txt to only contain MvM maps. As of writing this, they are:


Now, simply run your server while booting it directly into a MvM map with a limit of 32 players (this IS required!).

./srcds_run -game tf +map mvm_coaltown.bsp -maxplayers 32
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cani have your server .cfg please i want to see where to place it 


Place them at the end. It doesn’t really matter.


I keep getting a error saying no such maps maps/mvm_manworks.bsp


Update your server. It seems you lack the new maps.

Anonymous Corrector

or you could bother to spell the map name correctly…

Keith D. Mitchell

I run two MvM servers and I’ve noticed that while everything works fine, when it comes time to rotate maps it crashes. Luckily I have em setup as a service so they restart but searching for an answer to why they crash on mapcycle is what brought me here.

Haven’t experienced that have you?


They don’t seem crashing for me so far.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.


Hey, How can I allow manual conects? They dont seem to work


Set tf_mm_strict to 0.


My server crashes every time someone shoots lol. I guess it’s because of the plugins.


i can’t make it work…. can some1 make a tutorial on youtube my english isnt that good …
thank you


I am making one right now!


any links yet for Youtube. I have been going at it for 4 hours…


I can’t manually connect to me server. It either gives me “Steam Validation Rejected” or “This server only accepts matchmaking” or something like that. I ignored the “later” part of your guide.


Nevermind. I just started a mvm_map without using any commands. It worked.


tf_mm_strict 1 puts the server in Match-Making mode only. Set it to 0 and it will allow manual connections.


Ok I have having same issue. Only one map works.. What I have done so far.
I updated steam again, restarted a billion times, and had someone check what their working server is running compared to mine and all looks good. No plug in’s, no mods. Its a brand new server. anybody have any ideas?


Did you set the mapcycle correctly?

What do you mean by “only one map works”? It doesn’t change between them or or the server crashes?


Ok so only mannworks runs. When its over it just says server changing level and never loads. I even tried r commands to manly change and it just does hangs same way. I even changed order of map rotation (and text to match) to see if any other would work and mannworks loads. I am stuck. I am updating again for the 5 time. I have no idea what to do


sorry I am spinning at this point. I just read the rant i put up. I think its time to walk away and start fresh tomorrow. Thanks for trying to help 


i cant find my server on steam! 

Nitu Bogdan

how can i give money?


Edit .pop files or install SourceMod + the Cash plugin (see


Where do I type the “./srcds_run -game tf +map mvm_coaltown.bsp -maxplayers 32” line?
cmd? or use it as a parameter on srcds.exe?


That’s how you run a linux binary.

For windows, I guess just use the part with srcds.exe -game tf +map bla bla…


where do i type this line??? sigh, do u mind saying it clearer…:(


I have no idea where you type that on a Windows server. Those are the .exe parameters, so wherever windows allows you to run that.


thanks, i managed to tweek it in cmd, but right now. my console window says that tf_server_identity_account_id not set; not logging into registered account.

After setting up the server i can connect it through my interal ip but i cant find mine on the public server.


Follow the instructions, then.


ok i managed to get my server working! thx 🙂


Nevermind. Solved my issues.


Your Steam account doesn’t have rights to create game server accounts.
What can I do ?

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